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How moving to Moncton can speed up your retirement plans Thumbnail

How moving to Moncton can speed up your retirement plans

Retirement planning usually involves establishing your current financial position then projecting the numbers into the future by varying a number of different variables including savings, age you would like to retire etc. After seeing this piece done by Zoocasa, we can now give you another solid option on how to get to retirement more quickly. Move to Moncton! 


It is staggaring to see the differences in the affordability of housing in this vast and great Country of ours. Greater Vancouver tops the list of worst affordability with the median two person income home paying 14 times this income to buy a house. If we contrast this with paying 2 times income in Moncton, it is easy to see why so many are struggling under the weight of housing prices in the far west. 


Consider that Moncton has some beautiful scenery, lots of outdoor acitivities and extremely friendly inhabitants, maybe, just maybe, we’re on to something?