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Our Pricing

Your costs should be directly related to the value of advice you receive


Our philosophy is that your costs should be directly related to the value of advice you receive. The transparent nature of our pricing model ensures that you can monitor the value for cost equation effectively.

We want to do good work and be adequately compensated, but not at the expense of our clients or their financial peace of mind. 

We structured our fee schedule to reflect this, ensuring our compensation is balanced with excellent results that provide financial security for our clients. Any possible conflicts of interest with our compensation will be explained thoroughly and we do not accept finders’ fees or have fee-sharing arrangements with any advisors we refer you to (mortgage broker, legal, accounting, etc).

Portfolio Construction and Ongoing Financial Management Fee

Percentage of Investment Assets

$500 000 - $1M
$1M – $2.5M
$2.5M - $5M
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