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Venture Philanthropy

We hope that everyone is taking the time to enjoy the summer! Within this blog post we thought we would take a break from markets and the economy. Instead, we are excited to share something we have been very proud to be a part of in the last few years.

What if we told you that the first 3D printed village is about to be created in Mexico later this year? You would naturally think that we had been enjoying one of the recently legalized substances in Canada. We can assure you that we have not. We can also attest to the fact that amazing things are happening in the world, tucked away just under the headlines.

Our Journey

We started years ago with a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to make a difference but were not suited for gala’s, golf tournaments or 3-foot by 1-foot cheques being presented on the news. We chose to support a cause largely with our own capital that was taking smart and calculated risks, designed to make a larger impact. Enter World Housing. Their mission…? To form amazing partnerships to combat some of the worst living conditions in the world. To help the poorest of the poor, living mostly in garbage dumps throughout the world by giving them a home. This started with many villages being built by traditional labour and machines. The impact was incredible, but progress has now taken a more aggressive path due to a partnership with New Story and the ability to utilize technology to change the narrative.

Slum Home in Mexico

The Vision

Using 3D printers, villages can now be built significantly better, and at a lower cost than by using traditional methods. As with all adventures, there are many challenges. but therein lies the attraction of venture philanthropy. If we are willing to take a risk, amazing things can happen. 

As we are writing this blog, a truck with a 3D printer is on its way to Mexico. The first 3D printed village is likely to be completed by the end of 2019. Will it go perfectly…?  No. Will there be challenges…?  Yes. Could it be the springboard to help even more families move out of poverty…?  We sure hope so. 

We know many of you spend a great deal of time, effort and resources to help the charities you believe in. We hope that you continue your support and teach the next generation how important it is to give back. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!