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I'm Right and You're an Idiot Thumbnail

I'm Right and You're an Idiot

We came across a book recently called, I’m Right and You’re an Idiot, written by James Hoggan. It seemed like just another humorous title fighting for shelf space until we thought a bit more about its insights on the state of public discourse.

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Are we worried about the wrong thing?  Thumbnail

Are we worried about the wrong thing?

Despite having experienced strong market growth this year, we’ve had a fair number of emotional phone calls with investors who are worried about the possibility of a market crash because of Trump, trade, tariff’s, debt levels, social unrest, political unrest, recession and the list goes on.

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Venture Philanthropy Thumbnail

Venture Philanthropy

We hope that everyone is taking the time to enjoy the summer! Within this blog post, we thought we would take a break from markets and the economy.

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This time is different Thumbnail

This time is different

In reflecting back on the market downturn in December 2018, we can see that this last correction was no different. In fact, investors should expect a correction (a market downturn of greater than 10% but less than 20%) approximately every other year.

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Are we there yet?  Thumbnail

Are we there yet?

Often, when travelling, kids all around the world drive their parents crazy with the question, ARE WE THERE YET? Some might ask the question as the destination draws near, while others don’t reach the end of the driveway before blurting it out. Our point is that just because the question is being asked, doesn’t mean the destination is right around the corner.

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