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Pit Stops Thumbnail

Pit Stops

The investment landscape and our lives during the past couple of years have looked a bit like that of a road trip, complete with detours and bumps along the way. Despite these short-term setbacks, we would inevitably reach our destination.

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Predictions Thumbnail


As we navigate through the tail end of 2021, the financial press is once again overflowing with predictions. It is human nature to crave certainty which can lead to us supporting predictions that best fit the information we have consumed.

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Another US Election Approaches Thumbnail

Another US Election Approaches

On November 3rd, 2020 Americans will head to the polls to vote in what will be another emotionally charged election south of our border. The upcoming vote has caused much concern with investors as headlines pump up the narrative that markets will be drastically affected by the outcome. Is this true?

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Shake it off and Step Up Thumbnail

Shake it off and Step Up

September this year was a time when we had hoped to take one more step towards normal in our fight against COVID 19. Many of us started to go back to the office a bit more, our kids started a new chapter in their schooling and others inched their way further towards their old routines.

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